2019 Winnipeg Design Festival | PROTO



StorefrontMB is pleased to announce the theme of the 2019 Winnipeg Design Festival (2019 WDF),  PROTO-, curated and directed by Jae-Sung Chon and his design team STUFF (Studio for Transformative Urban Forms and Fields).

Following the theme, 2019 WDF will focus on encouraging, embracing, celebrating, and respecting the idea of the ‘first-in-time’ or ‘first-of’ within Winnipeg’s dynamic design culture. Winnipeg is a city for prototyping new ideas! Let’s rebrand Winnipeg as a proto-city: a city where new ideas are encouraged and embraced, as its core urbanism.

As the definition of the prefix suggests, the theme promotes ideative edifices that are specific and original, and yet geared towards the ‘practicality’ of the everyday living.

Under this thematic umbrella, 2019 WDF will invite architects, landscape architects, urban designers, industrial designers, fashion designers, graphic designers, as well as related visual/media artists to stage multiple settings during the festival where immersive experiences of the design prototypes can be experienced and explored.


  1. first in time, original, primitive
  2. first in importance, principal, chief
  3. [P-] prehistoric or original: said of a people or language
    • a. forming nouns on the way to becoming the (specified) thing or kind of person:proto-suburbia, a proto-Winnipeg
    • b. forming adjectives on the way to having the (specified) quality or relationship: a proto-Cubist painting, a proto-Winnipeg
  4. CHEM.
  • a. being that member of a series of compounds having the lowest proportion of the (specified) element or radical: protoxide
  • b. being the parent form of a (specified) substance